Exam Center Department

About Department

The Examination Department concerned with preparing and organising the Mid-Term, Compensatory and Final exams.


University exams are the most important way to evaluate student information gained during the semester. Also, assessing the performance of the university depends mainly on its ability to take good exams leading to the desired goal, taking into account the provision of all possible facilities for good implementation. This in turn, reflects positively on the student’s psychological impact as well as the good performance of the invigilator.


The examination department aims at reaching to excellence and leadership point and looking forward to provide the needs of the faculties, academic departments and helping students to take their exams smoothly to graduate scientific competencies and broad knowledge students who are able to meet the needs of labour market that achieved the vision of the country.

Tasks & Services

  • Preparing the midterm, compensatory and final exams’ schedules and announce them to the students on the university website during the registration period at the beginning of the semester and following up on the student information system.
  • Identify laboratories and classrooms and the distribution of students during the examination time.
  • Send letters and advices to students before the exams (as punishment for cheating, students with special needs, clashes of exams).
  • Follow up cheating cases and transfer them to disciplinary committee for decision.
  • Follow up the upload of grades for all courses, as well as incomplete cases (IC) and retake final examination cases (Resit) and (1.99) cases.
  • Announce on the university website the approval of the results and inform students by sending text messages.
  • Follow up the appeal and re-appeal letters regarding the results.
  • Follow up requests for examinations between the university's branches whether the internal or external branches.

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