Finance Issues Department

About Department

The Department of Finance seeks to fulfill the objectives of the Arab Open University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the financial aspect as an executive and supervisory authority to oversee the financial and accounting systems to create a proper and distinctive financial environment, in addition to the primary objective of providing the best services to students and employees of the university.


The university aims to be distinction in providing the best financial services at the level of private universities.

Preparation and implementation of the budget, financial reports and final counting of the university on the basis of relevant information. In addition, to hold all financial counting of branches and various departments.

Preparation and submission of final counting and annual and semi-annual financial reports of the relevant control devices.

Dealing with all branches and departments in relation to the financial matters associated with the programs they provide.

Receiving financial dues of the beneficiaries of the university services through the approved payment methods.

Giving the beneficiaries of the determined amounts by the approved payment methods.

Training human resources and upgrading accounting work.


Providing all possible facilities and ensuring the diligent work on the completion of transactions and meet the needs of the employees and the students of the university, through applying all financial regulations and approved systems.

Tasks & Services

Optimal management of the University financial resources.

Optimal administration of the expenses of the university in its budget, within the scope of regulations that govern it.

Organising and saving financial documents in a way that facilitates referencing and providing them when needed.

Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of accounting operations and the completion of the necessary documents to complete all financial procedures.

Providing the most updated instruments and the necessary financial programs to ensure the accuracy of financial operations and facilitate the provided services.

Providing solutions and innovations and using modern technology in the development and modernization of work procedures.

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Financial Management:Riyadh
Telephone : +966 11 2742277
Extension : 7635 – 7634
Fax : +966 11 2742696
P.O.Box :11681 Riyadh 84901

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Financial Management:Jeddah
Telephone : +966 12 6823641
Extension : 6018

Financial Management:Dammam
Telephone : +966 13 8315415
Extension : 247

Financial Management:Al-Ehsa
Telephone : +966 13 5880111
Extension : 324

Financial Management:Madinah Munawarah
Telephone : +966 14 8453444
Extension :105 – 106

Financial Management:Hail
Telephone : +966 16 5381444
Extension :105