Human Resources Department

About Department

Human Resources at Arab Open University works to develop its employee based on the modern concepts and best practices and standards applied in human resources management. It also creates a stable and suitable work environment for university employees in all AOU branches and looking to innovate ways to help departments to develop performance and efficiency of the human elements. It also eliminates the negative impacts and environmental constraints facing the university.


Providing human resources with high professional employees who are committed to excellence and applying best practices which in turn work to enhance the capabilities and competencies of human resources and employ them on the way that meets the needs of the university.


The University's human resources management is aiming to become a leading and distinctive centre in developing, planning and specifying jobs path for the academic and administrative leaders.

Tasks & Services

  • Studying and determining the needs of faculty members as well as university staff (administrative and technical)
  • Establish fair levels of wages, teaching hours and its conditions according to the regulations.
  • Create focused steps on attracting outstanding employees and retaining talented employees
  • Studying the strength of human elements in their true system of continuous performance evaluation
  • Follow up the needs of the university and its staff from training courses and external missions
  • Developing nationalisation strategies and plans at the university and supervising their implementation.
  • Proposing the controls, standards and policies relating to the appointment, promotion and transfer of staff, and monitoring their performance and evaluation in accordance with the university policy.
  • Motivate employee to meet expectations by supporting and maintaining a supportive and positive work environment.
  • Focus on performance management and professional development in order to achieve excellence.
  • Studying the regulations and regulations related to the management of job performance and raising recommendations for approval of senior management at the university.
  • Simplifying work procedures at the university, designing and developing the models used, and preparing and updating the procedures manual.

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