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About Department

The library and Learning Resources are the focus of the educational process in the university environment. It provides various information sources to serve students and university employees. And it contains an electronic library, printed books and references for various study programs as well as delivery of educational packages for students and lecturers


To support and facilitates access to all information resources of all types and forms for students, employees and the community


A unique university library and a portal for knowledge, that employs information resources and communication technologies to serve the beneficiaries inside and outside the campus

Tasks & Services

  1. Providing books, references and scientific periodicals in order to improve the educational and research process carried out by the university.
  2. Organising resources through cataloging and classification, which facilitates access by researchers.
  3. Internal and external borrowing to all sources of knowledge for students and university employees.
  4. Receiving and delivering the educational packages to students and lecturers.
  5. Providing advanced information services, in addition to providing sources of digital information in various forms, and make them accessible to students, faculty and researchers.


Book Delivery Regulations

1- The student should contact the Library and Educational Bags Department after registering his courses and paying the fees.

2 - Students who have paid the price of textbooks through the deposit or transfer money on the university’s account have to check with the Finance Department to provide the payment receipt so that they can activate their schedules and then check the library and educational bags department to receive their educational bags.

3- Students who have paid the price of the books through SADAD (under student’s Id number) are kindly requested to check the library and educational bags office directly to receive their textbooks. Their schedules will be automatically activated once payment is made.

4 - In the case of installment of the student’s fees and the payment of educational bag’s price, the student must show proof of the installment for eligibility to receive textbooks.

5- In the case of registration of two brothers / sisters together in the university in the same programme, one student will deliver the educational bags after payment of the required price of the courses, so that the price of the educational bag is calculated for one student from the two brothers, (Kinship reference is: father, mother, sister, brother, wife or husband). The brothers may also hand over the same books in case they wish, after paying each of them the price of their textbooks.

6- In the case registering a course consisting of two parts A & B in any semester, the student will get all teaching bags for the two parts. Thus, the student will not pay the price of part B when he register it in the next semester, so that the price is paid in advance and the books of two parts shall be in his possession, This procedure will not apply to all courses, since the price of the two parts of certain courses shall be paid as the (courses of English Language and Literature and the courses of Business Administration that are divided into two separate parts for each semester and other specialised courses).

7- In the case the student did not receive all of educational bag, the student will be handed the incomplete educational bag (partially received) until the completion of it. The student will be notified via SMS to contact the library and the educational bags Department to receive the remaining books.

8- The textbooks will not be returned in the following cases:

-      In the case of a student's enrollment in a particular specialisation and then changed his specialisation, rather he shall pay the price of the textbooks for the new specialisation. (This applies to all specialisations)

-      Students who are withdrawn or permanently dismissed from the university.

-      If the student registers a course/s by mistake, i.e. the courses are not part of his study plan without seeing the academic adviser to guide him/her during the registration.

9- As we would like to remind you that a certain period of time has been set for the students after their registration in each semester to go to the library department in order to receive their textbooks.

10- All students should be reminded that some courses do not have textbooks but are taught online or by electronic books on the LMS. The courses are: (TU170 & M253 & T216A & T216B & TT284).

11- If the student wants to buy a book for any reason (e.g. loss of the book or damage, etc.), he must pay the price of the book in the university bank account and then go to the Finance Department to activate the delivery payment and bring it to the library and educational bags Department to deliver the required book.
12. The Arabic Language courses (AFL111-AFL112) are special courses for non-Arabic speaking students or Arab students who are not proficient in Arabic.
13. Course (GR101EL) is especially for English language students and for non-Arab students.
14. Course (EL111E) is equivalent to (EL098) and (EL112E) is equivalent to (EL099) in terms of content. 

15- If the course is registered and canceled, and a new version of the book is submitted in the same semester and not in the previous semesters (This applies in the relevant semester), the student should go to the library to receive the new version without paying additional fees for the concerned books.
16. In the case that the student registers a course that has been changed to a newer version, the student must pay only the price of the new book.

17-In exceptional cases and the student registers a two-part course A & B, the student must check the library and educational bags Department so that they can add the price of the educational bag in the delivery system, and then the student must pay the required price in order to be delivered the educational bags of the two parts.

18- A copy of the textbook is given to the faculty member (the instructor) only in the following cases:

  •       A) A copy of the textbook is given to the tutor who teaches this course.
  •      B) The tutor will be delivered a copy of the textbook for a one time only in the academic year unless the edition changes to the latest.

Calculator (Calculator + TI-83):
1. As the calculator has been added to the course, the student can get it when he registers part (B) of the course.

2. If the student studied the course (M150B) and wants to get a calculator, the status of delivering the educational bag is unpaid until the price of the calculator (SAR 19) is paid. After paying the amount, the student can get his/her calculator.



E-Library is the main supporter of the students in the Arab Open University, as it contains a rich and varied database allocated for the benefit of all the employees of the university faculty members, students and staff.

E-Library Registration Instructions

You can access to the electronic library through the learning system or through the university site by following these steps:
1- Access to the library site by clicking on this link (
2-Enter the username  which consists of:( ID
3- Enter the password  ( aou123 for the first time and then change the password)
4- Once you enter, you are automatically directed to  Resources where you can easily click on the Resources which enables you to show and review all texts, articles, books and magazines.

  • Note: Once you enter the E-Library, it is advised to update your personal profile and change your password.

  International Login

  1. Make sure you have logged in to LMS by clicking on this link (
  2. Click on the icon that contains Saudi Arabia which forwards you to LMS, KSA Branch.
  3. Click on Login and then enter student’s number and password. In this way, you are able to enter LMS account.
  4. Once you login, press on E-Library icon to access it. 

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