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Effective Administrative Leadership for Future Leaders

Within the framework of the contribution of the Quality and Accreditation Unit in the service of the community in cooperation with the Center for Training and Skills Development, a training program entitled "Effective Administrative Leadership for Future Leaders"

Dr. Hind Mirza, Head of the Quality and Accreditation Unit at the Arab Open University, Saudi Arabia, organized a training course on "Effective Leadership Leadership for Future Leaders" in collaboration with the Center for Training and Skills Development in the fields. The course lasted three days from January 15 to January 17, 2019. It addressed three topics:
1. Leadership: Concept - Leadership Patterns - Site Leadership - Difference between Leader and Manager - Managing the concept of change and basic concepts.
2. Quality: Principles - Importance - Objectives - Quality Tools - Abnormal personality patterns for quality application.
3. The concept of time and the importance of its administration: a waste of time old and modern - preventive and curative methods to eliminate wasting time.

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