Public Relations Department

About Department

The Department of Public Relations works to highlight and build a positive image for the university regionally and internationally, and to create public awareness of the cultural and scientific role of the target groups in societies. It also disseminates the methodology and philosophy of integrated learning (Blended Learning) and its advantages and marketing through strengthening the university's relations with academic and research institutions, civil society institutions and all relevant institutions and entities to create a partnership and continuous cooperation. Therefore, the university focuses on effective communication with the read and visual media and all means of communication and communication to disseminate the mission of the university and its objectives and its role in the academic and research field. This in turn, reflects the department's keenness to consolidate the role of the university development, social and national through participation in all events that reflect the positive image.


The Department of Public Relations and Information works to organise and coordinate human efforts at the university as well as to contribute effectively to the formation of a positive image of the Arab Open University and to strengthen the lines of communication between the university and its internal and external community.


Strengthening the relationship between the administration and its employees. looking forward to a leading role in using all technical, material and human resources to highlight its activities, achievements and services to its internal and external audiences.

Tasks & Services

1. Communicating with various audio and visual media and providing them with activities and events in the university.

2. Follow-up all the published comments in the social media and regarding the university and respond to all opinions and inquiries.

3. Organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, festivals and concerts in cooperation with scientific departments

4. Issuing publications (books, journals, posters)

5. Receiving visiting delegations and preparing programs for them.

6. Participate in the organization of concerts and special events in colleges such as honoring faculty members and administrative

7. Updating and activating the website of the university and providing the most important news and activities periodically.

8. Establish an official website of the university as social networking sites (Twitter - Instagram)

9. Activate the e-mail to receive inquiries and complaints and suggestions of members of the teaching and training staff.

10. Prepare and implement recreational programmes for faculty and staff members and document the achievements of the university and its scientific departments.

11. Preparing university news and scientific and media subjects for publishing them in newspapers.

12. Organising media campaigns.

13. Building healthy relations with the community through the defining its activities and announcing its role and efforts for the development of society.

14. Filming and covering all university’s activities.

15. Adopting the electronic supervision system by storing photographs of the events of the university and its departments.

16. Providing shields, certificates of appreciation and gifts for the events of the university through coordination with the in-charged departments who are responsible for providing them.

17. Supporting the university departments in preparing marketing and awareness campaigns.

18. Forming an overall image of the university for the internal and external audience.

19. Create friendly relations between staff through communication at social events.

20. Preparing and coordinating lectures and seminars approved by the university and supervising its implementations.

21. Activating the role of partnership and attracting different community institutions.

22. Applying quality systems and standards in the various activities of the management.

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