Quality Assurance Department

About Department

Quality Center is connected directly with the administration of Saudi a branch of the Arab Open University, It is directly linked to the branch Director who appointed the Quality Center director, an assistant, the heads of five units, and the Secretariat.


Unity of Quality and Accreditation message emanates from the message of AOU. Its mission is developmental, ongoing, and aims at the comprehensive development of the branch in accordance with the local and global standards of quality


We organizers of the Unity of Quality and Accreditation aspire that the unit will be a central unit and a vital part of the AOU entity, It offers various services and characterized by quality and global operating efficiency. It employs the highest technical standards that exceed the expectations of internal and external customers

Tasks & Services

• raising awareness of quality culture.

• Implementation of the annual plan for the Quality Assurance Unit to achieve the strategic goals of the University.
• Contribution within work teams for accreditation by the Saudi National Authority for Assessment and Accreditation

• Writing a report of self-evaluation of the performance of AOU-Saudi Branch submitted to OU in the United Kingdom (Self-Evaluation Document).
• Planning and supervision procedures to visit the reviewers of the OU in the United Kingdom for AOU- Saudi Arabia, to renew accreditation every five years.
• Providing the headquarters with  various periodic and comprehensive annual reports on the branch performance. 

Reports are:
• SWAT analysis of the branch (SWOT Analysis).

• Branch Performance Report (Annual Monitoring Report).
• Internal Audit Report (Internal Review Report).
• Unit report follow-up performance at the university (Performance   Monitoring Unit).
• Achievements of the Quality Unit submitted to the Council of the University.
• Formation of a committee of quality in the AOU- Saudi Arabia, and activating its role in the development of quality through many meetings during the year.
• Monitoring and evaluation of part time tutors' teaching activities, writing comprehensive reports and submitting them to director of the branch.
• Monitoring and evaluation of new students creating activities, reporting and submitting them to director.
• Work on a number of researches in the field of quality development in AOU-Saudi Arabia in the academic and administrative area with the participation of colleagues in the branch and outside the university.
• Active participation in the meetings of the Central quality Committee in Headquarters by offering development proposals.
• Conducting site visits to regional centers annually (as needed).
• Participate in the membership of the equations,  in the membership of the main exams committee in the AOU.

Te coordinators of quality oversee the conduct of final examinations in the AOU in Saudi Arabia, writing reports and submitted  them to the Director branch.

Being sure the university chooses proctors from outside the university in accordance with the standards set by the Unity and adopted by the Director branch.
• Providing Quality Assurance and Accreditation department at the Headquarters with the detailed report on the AOU in Saudi Arabia exams.
• Holding periodic meetings with the coordinators of quality in regional centers to continue to work and activate their roles.
• Creating and follow-up Page Quality Unit on the University website, to gain more interaction with the quality.
• Follow-up surveys and questionnaires of students and teachers and providing the headquarters with them.
• Responding to all email sent from quality department at headquarters and writing our views.

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